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  • Behind the Lens | 2015 - Headshot by elysiagriffin
    Got a new headshot (kudos to xinstrumental) yesterday with my new hair (kudos to ShearKatrina)! First time getting my entire head bleached & colored, but Im super thrilled with how it came out. MY MANE IS SO COLORFUL! Only downside is discovering "colored hair problems" like having tinted finger nails or making sure I dont stain the bathroom counter haha. 

  • I finally finished the Cosplay On Location Photoshoot Sign Up Page (click here)! Not sure what conventions Ill be offering photoshoots at, if any at all, because I absolutely LOVE doing on location work and want to do it more often! You could even schedule a shoot for a costume you have planned to debut at a convention coming up~ We also hope to start traveling to other cities like Tampa, SoFla, Atlanta and offering shoots there, so youre more than welcome to sign up if youre in those cities!
    Im also working on a sign up page for graduating seniors/portraits/couples/justbecauseshoots that will include not only Heather Toyoko for makeup, but as well as ShearKatrina for hair styling (the lovely who did her magic on my hair!) 

  • 2015 Cosplay | Hinata + Naruto by elysiagriffin
    Remember this shot of Naruto & Hinata? Well, xinstrumental took some of my behind the scenes shots I took during the shoot and turned it into a neat little video (click here). GOING TO BE A COSPLAY VIDEOGRAPHER! All with my awesome in camera special effects and intentional, emotional hand shakiness! Just kidding of course, I have no idea what Im doing when it comes to using the video feature on the camera haha. Just wanted to practice using it to start doing more behind the scenes videos; just gotta work on focusing and stabilization C:

  • Some social media places you can find me, where I update much more frequently: Facebook, Instagram, and just recently Snapchat (username: koishibuh) for general day-to-day derpiness, gym sweatyselfies, photography WIP, and selfies with the Calcifer the Bearded Dragon :3

Thanks everyone for being super awesome and supportive! :heart:

just posted a photoset of Cobheran's kai leng cosplay from mass effect on the blog!

if youd like to get frequent updates, be sure to follow me on these social media outlets c:

twitter for daily thoughts:
instagram for behind the scene pictures & selfies:
google+ because im making the move from facebook haha:…
...and facebook if you absolutely want to:…
In celebration for 50 sales on the store, Im doing a "Buy One Patch, Get the Second Half Off!" coupon sale~!

Just head on over to, select two patches and at checkout use coupon code "50thanks" to receive $4.50 off your order C:
If you would like to order multiple patches, please send me a message and I can create a custom listing with the correct discount.

Coupon is only active until September 28, so be sure to get your orders in before the end of the sale!

:heart: Elysia
Last week I posted on my blog a video of my favorite photoshop hotkeys & a basic overview of my editing workflow. I tried my best to avoid the word "um" but instead replaced that with starting every sentence with "so" haha. Feel free to check it out here:

I have confirmed that I will be attending DragonCon next weekend and while I have no real plans to schedule any shoots (my first year attending and Im not really sure what to expect with rules of lightening equipment and my limited knowledge of the location), Id love to see who all is going and what everyone plans to wear! Just let me know in the comments C:

Be sure to follow me on facebook for updates & instagram for behind the scene pictures~


Updates :)

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 3, 2013, 3:46 PM

Hey guys! Its been awhile since Ive posted or uploaded anything new. You may have noticed the name change on deviantart from Fenyx Design to Elysia Griffin. A few months ago I decided that I would start going by Elysia Griffin Photography and continue to use Fenyx Design for crafting related stuffs. No wrries, you can still call me Fenyx, Ive accepted that as my nickname haha.

With that being said, Ill be slowing fixing up my deviantart to reflect this change over the next few weeks. I will also be uploading new images onto my blog ( a few days prior to uploading it onto deviantart, so be sure to check that out for all the new goodies :)

Here are all the updated social media outlets you can find me at:


As for conventions, Ive been on a bit of a break since MegaCon. I have attended a few local conventions here and there, but as a attendee and without my camera. I really needed to step back and figure out what I really wanted to do for conventions because KatsuCon was super hectic and really draining. I think DragonCon might be possible the next biggest convention for the year (which I may or may not do shoots for) and a few local cons to finish up the year. Crossing my fingers to be able to start everything back up at the start of next year with KatsuCon again. Ill of course be doing on location cosplay work in between, so Im definitely not quitting haha.

And to end this, I want to also give a shoutout to Ejen of Cosplay in American. Many of you may already know that he is currently working on his second volume and put together a kickstarter to help fund it. He's currently only $9,000 away from making his $35,000 goal. Please be sure to check it out, donate if you can, and help spread the word! Only 9 days left! :)…

Thanks for all the support!
:heart: Elysia

MomoCon Photoshoots *Last Call*

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 6, 2013, 4:17 PM

Made the last minute decision to head up to Atlanta, GA this weekend for MomoCon C:
Ill be taking on a limited number of photoshoots, so be sure to sign up for a session here

**Saturday is now booked, I still have slots available for Friday & Sunday but will be closing up signups tonight~**


Journal Entry: Mon Feb 11, 2013, 7:08 PM

Fenyx Design: Cosplay Couture Photobooth

Only a handful of days left before KatsuCon, anyone putting on some finishing touches on their cosplays? Or scrambling to throw everything together in the final hours? XD
I hope everyone is able to finish their cosplays up in time so I get to see them this weekend at the photobooth!

Here is a map of our location in the KatsuCon Artist Alley. Click the image to view a larger version.

We'll have an awesome banner in front of the booth so you wont miss us :D

I do have a few more slots left available! Click here if you are interested in scheduling a session.

For anyone who has already signed up for a session, please be sure to check your emails (especially the spam box) for confirmations~

Makeup Services

Our certified makeup artist, Heather Toyoko will be at our booth to provide makeup services to cosplayers and con goers. After your hour long pamper session, you can attend the convention looking fabulous! Perfect if you have photoshoots scheduled, get stopped frequently for hallway shots (and how about the hallway contest?), or just because you want to look kawaii-desu in your red panda kigurumi. If you are planning to attend the formal ball, there are a few more time slots available before the dance to have your makeup. Makeup sessions include one complimentary photo. C:

However, if you are looking for someone do to your Sailor Moon Zombie makeup, our booth neighbors, Brianna & Faith of Gimmickz & Squibs, will be providing awesome special effects makeup. You can check out Brianna's website for her portfolio and if you are interested in scheduling an appointment, send her a message through her website's contact form C:

Items Available for Purchase

We will have several matted prints available, including the Jessica Rabbit print that has been signed by BetsyBonBon. These beautiful 8x12 lustre prints are hand mounted in a 11x14 bevel white core mat, signed on the back, and sealed in a protective plastic bag. The print can be displayed on the wall as is or completed with a frame - a wonderful addition to your art collection. Of course the prints are watermark free! A percentage of the proceeds will be given to the cosplayer featured in the print to help fund materials for future cosplays. So be sure to support your favorite cosplayers!

I will also be selling a handful of iron-on patches, drawn and embroidered by me! The three designs I will have available are Rainbow Dash from MLP, Amaterasu from Okami, and Pabu from Avatar: LoK.
I do have several other designs available, but they will be preorder only as I havent had time to crank enough out in time for KatsuCon haha. I will also be making these patches available for online purchase after KatsuCon when I setup an online shop :3

Complimentary Headshots
If you are unable to schedule a session, I will be offering complimentary headshots to anyone who drops by the photobooth during these times:

Friday at 7:00 - 7:30 PM
Saturday at 4:30 - 5:00 PM

So be sure to swing by and say hello! :]

December Updates

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 12, 2012, 10:30 PM

Happy 12/12/12 everyone! Today marks the last day in this century where the numeral date appear with the same numbers - hope it was well spent!

FenyxDesign on Facebook

With facebook's newest updates that requires fanpages to pay in order to reach their fans, I encourage everyone to subscribe to my facebook profile. I post much more frequently there and that way all my posts will reach my friends C:

Fenyx Design Prints

Fenyx Design: Prints for Sale
I am currently offering limited prints of select images for sale. These beautiful 8x12 lustre prints are hand mounted in a 11x14 bevel white core mat, signed on the back, and sealed in a protective plastic bag. The print can be displayed on the wall as is or completed with a frame - a wonderful addition to your art collection. Of course the prints are watermark free C:

A percentage of the proceeds will be given to the cosplayer featured in the print to help fund materials for future cosplays. So be sure to support your favorite cosplayers!

Fenyx Design: Cosplay Couture Photobooth

For the past couple of months I have been planning a new concept for a convention photobooth and Im really excited to be able to do the first photobooth at Holiday Matsuri in Kissimmee, FL this weekend. Cosplay Couture is a style in which I want to be able to give a fresh look on the cosplay community. Ill be putting a video together after Holiday Matsuri will a behind the scene look of the photobooth setup, the images from the shoots, and elaborating more on the concept.
As part of this concept, I will have a licensed makeup artist on hand that will work with you prior to the shoot to create a look that compliments your cosplay and properly style and pin your hair so that your wig will fit snug. This is a wonderful experience that will make you look and feel fabulous for the entire day. Afterwards youll be given a photo session by yours truely haha. Ill help direct you through posing to create gorgeous images that flatter you and represent your cosplay - images that would so be fashion magazine worthy C; You'll be able to select 5 images that I will retouch for you to share with the interweb. After the shoot, you can spend the rest of the day enjoying the convention with friends and be ready for all the cameras that will be stopping you because of how awesome you look :heart:

Im really excited for this and I know itll be an amazing experience for everyone involved. Here is a list of confirmed conventions I will be attending with a photobooth:

SukoshiCon: Destination in Fort Walton Beach, FL on January 4-6, 2013
SwampCon in Gainesville, FL on January 12-13, 2013
KatsuCon in National Harbor, MD on February 15-17, 2013

I am really hoping to add to this list but it will really depend on funds. If there is enough interest, I may start an Indiegogo campaign in order to help cover in advance booth fees, hotel and travel expenses, and start up cost of material to setup the booth. Of course contributions can be applied towards credit for a photobooth session, prints, and other goodies! C:

Here is a list of potential conventions, but if youd like to see Fenyx Design at a convention not listed, let me know! It may be added to this list depending on booth availability and scheduling~

MomoCon (Atlanta, GA), Animazement (Raleigh,NC) or Anime Boston (Boston,MA), ColossalCon (Sandusky,OH), Otakon (Baltimore, MD), Anime USA (Washington, DC)


I have had a lot of questions regarding KatsuCon and I can officially announce that I will be having a photobooth in the artist alley! Super excited because I absolutely love this convention and I was able to grab booth space last minute. I will be releasing information to reserve time slots in the next few weeks. C:
I also maybe in need of a licensed makeup artist with some hair experience to help out at the booth during the weekend. If you or anyone you know would be interested, send me an email at for more information.

And thats itttt~

:heart: Elysia

awa 2012 + photoshoot contest in orlando + updates

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 6, 2012, 1:43 PM

It been awhile since Ive updated the journal, but I have some awesome stuff to announce :3

Im excited to say that I just recently moved to Orlando, FL with fellow photographers imPhotography xinstrumental and Moratya Photography Morataya, which means Ill be able to provide photography services to the Central Florida area and within reasonable driving distance to other major cities in Florida! However, because of the move, I do have a backlog of work for Otakon and AFO, ack. Remaining sets will be sent out this weekend, thankyou for everyone Ive worked with for being understanding and patient <3

I am also currently holding a contest on facebook for a chance to win one of five vouchers ($60 value) for an on location cosplay photoshoot! The contest is open to anyone, however the winners must be willing to travel to Orlando for their session. Three of the winners will be selected by vote and the other two will be randomly selected. I will be accepting submissions until tomorrow (September 7) so be sure to get your entry in! :D
Click this link to view entry details.

Hope everyone who attended DragonCon in Atlanta, GA this weekend had a blast! I was unable to attend, but I will be at Anime Weekend Atlanta on September 28-30 and will be offering creative photosessions. AWA had been "the con" I had only attended for the past four years and still is favorite of mine, haha. I am limiting the number of sessions I take on this year, so be sure to schedule a session as soon as possible: Click here for details and availability.
I am also considering offering limited complimentary "mini sessions" for each day, but I will be releasing details and a separate sign up form for that closer to the con date.

I have also updated the convention list on my deviantART page to show conventions that I will be attending in 2013. Last month I posted polls regarding photobooths as Im trying to convert over to having a photobooth setup at conventions and asked for your feedback. Im in the process of working details out with several conventions but as of right now, I am able to announce that I will have a photobooth at SukoshiCon: Destination in FWB, FL on January 4-6, 2013. If you help run a convention or have contacts to convention who would be interested in having a FenyxDesign photobooth, feel free to send me a message C:

Recently hit 3,000 watchers and coming close to my 50,000 pageview mark on deviantART! Woo! Thank you guys for all the support!



Journal Entry: Thu Jun 21, 2012, 4:18 PM

Thankyou everyone who wished me a happy birthday this past week! I had a great 22nd! ^____^

I am almost fully booked for Otakon with only a few more slots available on Sunday! If you are interested in booking a session on Friday or Saturday, feel free to submit a photoshoot request to be placed on the waiting list in the event of a slot opening. For more information, please check out my website~

The lovely boyfriend, Lawrence of iM Photography (xinstrumental), will also be attending Otakon and is also available for photoshoots! Check out his post for details and availability! :3

In case you are unable to book a session, on Saturday from 2PM-3PM, I will be helping out DROOphotographer of Love Cosplay Magazine with his photography booth in the dealers room! Droo has been kind enough to let me try out his studio setup, so I will be offering individual studio shots for free. Please be sure to check out Droo's work as he will be available for photoshoots throughout the weekend during dealer room hours. All your images will be made available for purchase on DVD for $35 as well as individual prints ($8 for 5x7, $15 for 8x10). Not to mention, there is also the possibility of your image being featured as part of a spread the Love Cosplay Magazine! ;D

After Otakon, Lawrence and I will be visiting the DC area and are available for a limited number of on location photoshoots during July 30 - August 1. Photoshoots will be $40 for an hour session, 30 minutes with each photographer, and you will receive 15+ retouched images in a private gallery. If you are interested, leave a comment or send a note and we will discuss details such as time and locations. :)

Super excited for next month! C:

Also, thankyou for almost 2k watchers and 31k pageviews! You guys are awesome! :3

:heart: Elysia

Cosplay Photoshoots :D

Journal Entry: Tue May 8, 2012, 4:13 PM

Hey guys! Wanted to let everyone know of some photoshoot opportunities coming up in the next month:

May 14, 2012
xinstrumental and I will be offering photoshoots at Rocksprings State Park (Wekiwa) in Orlando, FL on May 14. C:
Sessions are $35 for an hour, working with each photographer for 30 minutes. There are four slots available, two each for the specific times below. Send me a message if you're interested!

9:30AM - 10:30AM
10:30AM - 11:30AM

Some images shot at RockSprings State Park:
ShawnCon 2012 - Pocahontas | Pocahontas by elysiagriffinShawnCon  2012 - Fairy Tail | Lucy by elysiagriffinZelda: Fayore by elysiagriffin

MetroCon, June 15-17, 2012
Im now offering creative photoshoots for MetroCon 2012! Please check out MetroCon Photoshoot Signup for more information and availability!

Promise Ill post a proper journal entry soon XD

:heart: Elysia

MTAC 2012 Photoshoots

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 31, 2012, 2:34 PM

I will be attending MTAC next weekend in Nashville, Tennessee for anyone who is interested in scheduling a creative cosplay photosession :)
Click here for details and availability!

Ill make another vlog/journal entry about ShawnCon and Momocon soon when I have some downtime XD

:heart: Elysia

happy pi day!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 14, 2012, 6:29 PM

And here is a terriblyderpy vlog for you guys to enjoy C:
Ignore the overuse of ums and excitedness and..  

Here is a list of photographers I was able to meet at KatsuCon 2012 :heart:
Be sure to check out their galleries to see all their awesome photography work!

The Demon Hunter by SoulFirePhotographyEscape by SoulFirePhotographyPast and Present by SoulFirePhotography
Olha (Y's) @ Katsucon 2012 - Preview by alucardleashedThe Dolorosa(Homestuck) @ Katsucon 2012 - Preview by alucardleashedGarnet @ Katsucon 2012 - Preview by alucardleashed
Carmilla 2 by BahamutNightThe King of Thieves by BahamutNightDeal with the... by BahamutNight
Photo: Katsucon 18- Cloud Strife by HeadphonesStudiosPhoto: Showin' them muscles, Spike by HeadphonesStudiosPhoto: Katsucon 18- Demon Hunter by HeadphonesStudios

LJinto on Flickr
Judith Stephens on Flickr
Joseph Chi Lin on Facebook
Kevin Chan on Flickr
Mike of EleventhPhotograph
Anna Fischer on Flickr

Ejen of CosplayinAmerica has complied a list of videos shot at KatsuCon 2012 which can be view here: List of Katsucon 2012 Fan Videos. Im sure you can spot me derpin' around in some of the videos, bwaha.

MomoCon ( will be held in Atlanta, GA this weekend! Who all will be there this weekend with me? Id love to here what your cosplay plans are!
I also have a few slots  left available if anyone is interested in a creative photoshoot at Momo! For details and availability, click here.

Following weekend will be ShawnCon in Orlando, Florida! xinstrumental, stillreflection, Ailish01 and myself will be there to photograph everyone! Check out negativedreamer's journal "What Happens at ShawnCon, Stays at Shawncon" for more information and sign ups!

With the planning of on location shoots, I will probably be revising my convention plans this year to only include larger conventions since traveling around a bit will start to be a bit pricey :C
However, after attending KatsuCon, I really feel like with on location shoots, I will really be able to deliver photos that will definitely be a step up from what I can offer at conventions since location and crowds will no longer become a limitation. As of right now, we are planning for a photoshoot weekend at the beginning of May in Atlanta, GA and Ill be releasing details when everything is finalized!
And lastly, looking forward to reading everyone's experience with cosplay! Really excited to put this project together and share it with everyone :3

Again, thank you everyone on deviantART! You guys rock C:

Happy 3.14!
:heart: Elysia

katsucon - momocon

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 23, 2012, 5:03 PM

Just a short little update during my editing break XD

I had such a blast at KatsuCon this past weekend! I got to meet some talented fellow photographers and had the pleasure of working with so many nice cosplayers! :heart:
The quality of work at Katsu was phenomenal and I so wish I could have worked with everyone there! Definitely on my return list for next year, fo sho! :3

Next convention I will be attending is MomoCon on March 16-18 in Atlanta, Georgia! Momo was held in the Georgia Tech Student Center in previous years, but due to the growing number of attendees, this year it'll be held at the Marriot Marquis - one of Dragon*Con's venues~! Which means an awesome location without the D*Con crowd, haha. I recently updated my website to include information regarding convention photoshoots, so if you are interested in booking a private creative session at Momo please check out my MomoCon Photoshoot Signup page for availability and information.

For cosplayers who are interested in on location shoots, there will be a weekend photoshoot hosted by negativedreamer, March 23-25 in Orlando, Florida. Full details will be posted this weekend!

Still in the planning stages with xinstrumental for some sort of epic cosplay photoshoot tour across the states, hehe. Thank you guys for all your input, it really does help us out! :]

Im also hoping to have a blog up by the end of this month! Itll include behind the scenes, feature favorite shoots, and various tips/tutorials/info regarding cosplay specific photography. Ill be posting a link when I get it all up and running ^__^

Andddd now back to editing! Hope you guys enjoy the work I post from Katsucon!

:heart: Elysia

its february!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 1, 2012, 12:24 PM

Which means 17 more days until KatsuCon (and MegaCon, haha)! So excited! Im already booked for the entire weekend and have already started planning out sessions in hopes that everything will go over smoothly haha. There are so many people Im looking forward to meeting and cosplays to photograph. Also, with the release of the WCS contestants on FB, it looks like there will be some fierce competition on Saturday! Good luck to everyone cosplaying at Katsu, hope everyone gets everything completed in time for the convention :3

If anyone is attending Anime Weekend Atlanta this year and is planning on staying at the Waverly, be sure to book your room as soon as possible! Rooms became available 9AM EST and AWA has already tweet'd that the Waverly was already 60% full within half an hour. However, there are plenty of hotels surrounding the convention center at a much cheaper rate and probably can guarantee 2 queen size beds - I just find it less of a hassle to stay in the conventional hotel XD

Thankyou to everyone who responded to my two recent polls regarding on location photoshoots (Do you prefer on location shoots or convention shoots? & Would you be interested in on location shoots?)! Im currently discussing plans with another photographer about traveling to major cities around the US and offering on location shoots to cosplayers if there is enough interest for it. We're still in the process of figuring out how to run the shoots, when and where to offer them, how much sessions would run, and I would love to be able to have a group hangout afterwards! While shooting at conventions is most convenient for everyone, I feel as though having the freedom to shoot in a variety of locations and away from crowds would give both with cosplayer and photographer more creative opportunities without restrictions. Please feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments below or vote in the polls, Id love to hear your input!

Also, I recently signed up for a twitter account, so now you can receive tweets for whenever I release photo sets! Or whatever else I randomly tweet about; Im still learning how to use twitter haha. You can follow me elysiagriffin, and Ill follow you back! For anyone who uses Tumblr, I post photo sets on there with links to the full gallery! Tumblr name is FenyxDesign. Last but not least, you can always check me out on my facebook fanpage, because I upload photos much more frequently on there than deviantART, haha.

Anddd thats about it. Oh! I hit 10,000 pageviews at the end of January! You guys rock! :]
Ill be posting more photos within the next few days~

:heart: Elysia

sukoshicon - katsucon/megacon

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 11, 2012, 12:55 PM

SukoshiCon: Destin was such an awesome start to my convention year! Can't say much about the convention itself since I had way more fun spending most of my time running around photographing everyone who attended! I was able to shoot alongside of stillreflection and Maboroshi while working with some very talented cosplayers! The hotel staff was very photographer friendly, the weather was absolutely wonderful (30% chance of rain? Pfft, yeah right!) and the beach made for a gorgeous backdrop. I was so thrilled when I had some cosplayers willing to frolic around in the ocean for some shots, hehe. I can say without a doubt that a lot of my best shots to date came from this convention and I hope that I can say that with each convention as the year progresses! I already started posting photos in the SukoshiCon: Destin 2012 Gallery but I have plenty more posted on my facebook fanpage.
I also had my first experience cosplaying while shooting and needless to say I doubt Ill be doing that again, lmao. While I loved running around in costume, I find myself more flexible shooting in a t-shirt and jeans without worrying about body paint rubbing off, being stopped for pictures (and unloading all my gear! haha), or accidentally flashing someone while in a dress. Props to those photographers who shoot in cosplay every con! However, I was able to do some photoshoots with my Karkat and Gijinka Amaterasu cosplays and Ill be posting those soon so you guys can see how dorky I am in cosplay.
Anywho, I had an awesome time and want to thank everyone who took the time to work with me! If you missed out this year, dont fret! They have already announced that SukoshiCon: Destin will be returning next year and for three whole days! Be sure to check out their website for 2013 preregistration!

This weekend Ill be shooting photos for a Homestuck style raved called Dancestuck in Douglasville, GA! If you are a Homestuck fan/cosplayer (however everyone is welcomed to join, Homestuck related or otherwise!) that lives in the FL/GA/AL area and would like to attend, RSVP on the Facebook event page: Dancestuck.

Next convention on my schedule will be KatsuCon in National Harbor, MD! I finally purchased my plane tickets last night so everything is set in stone, woo! Very excited for my photoshoot lineup; Ill definitely be kept busy during the weekend haha. I still have a few time slots available Fri/Sat and am still free on Sunday if anyone is interesting in booking a photo session! Check out my journal entry KatsuCon 2012 for details and send me a note! Last day to set up a shoot will be February 10th or sooner if I am completely booked before then. Ill be contacting everyone who has already set up a session to discuss details and finalize plans within the next few weeks. :]

For anyone who is attending MegaCon and lives in Orlando-ish, I will be in the area a few days before flying out Thursday night for KatsuCon. Id love to set up some on location shoots with anyone who wanted to work with me at MegaCon for my normal convention rate! If you're interested, send me a note and we'll work out details!

Also, I found out last night that I will indeed be able to attend Anime Florida Orlando this year! Woo! I know a had a couple of requests to go to AFO but had to decline because of prior obligations that have now been changed to a different date. Very excited as Ive heard good reviews about this convention :]

Wanted to also give a recommendation for Arda Wigs for your cosplay wig needs. Speaking from first hand, they have amazing customer service and will work with you to get that wig that compliments your cosplay. I was in need of a wig 5 days prior to SukoshiCon and they were able to suggest a wig to replace one they were sold out of, prioritize my order, and have my wig to me two days before the convention! Not to mention the quality of their wigs is awesome! Be sure to like their fanpage on Facebook; If they reach 5000 likes, they will be holding a sale in March, dont want to miss out on that~ :]

Andddd thats about it, haha. Thank you guys so much for 500+ stalkers watchers and over 8000 pageviews! Hope I can continue making it worthwhile for everyone who checks out my gallery! :D

:heart: Elysia

year of the black dragon

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 3, 2012, 11:23 PM

Woo! Its finally 2012! Hope everyone had a blast bringing in the new year :]
I just relaxed at home, watched the ball drop on my computer, and listened to the neighbors fireworks, haha. Anyone else have 13 fruit in their fruit bowl for good luck? Hehe, a Filipino tradition!
For the Chinese New Year, it'll be the year of the dragon! More specifically, the black/water dragon! Epic, right?

First convention of the year for me is this weekend, SukoshiCon: DESTINATION in Destin, FL! Very excited since the last time we had a convention in my home town was in Dec 2009 for AnimeSouth and Ill be actually enjoying the con instead of being shy and quiet, haha. Ill also be debuting some of my own cosplays which I have been frantically trying to finish up before Friday, haha. Have some awesome shoots set up that Im very excited about and hope to have some new stuff posted next week! If anyone is attending and happens to see me wandering about, feel free to ask me to take your picture! Ill be posting all my "hallway" shots up on my facebook fanpage :3

If anyone here is a Homestuck fan and lives in FL/GA/AL area, check out "Dancestuck" in Douglasville, GA being held later this month! Ill be there taking pictures of the event and hope to hold some mini shoots for cosplayers who are attending. For details, check the event page on facebook and RSVP: Dancestuck.

I still have photoshoot slots available for those attending KatsuCon! My Friday and Saturday are almost filled and Im completely free on Sunday if anyone plans to cosplay XD
If you're interested, check out my post for details and drop me a note!: KatsuCon 2012

Also, for my Orlando area friends who are attending MegaCon and wishes I was going to be there instead of Katsu (haha), would anyone be interested in on-location shoots sometime during the week of Mega/Katsu? Ill be traveling to Orlando a few days early before flying out to Katsu that Thursday and I would love to work with anyone who is available~! Send me a note and we'll make plans!

Anddd other than organizing files and working on some new business cards to distribute at conventions, thats about it XD
Next week Ill be posting a report on SukoshiCon and some epic new photos :D

:heart: Elysia

'tis the season!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 23, 2011, 11:26 PM

I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season! Hope that regardless of what holiday you celebrate, it is done in the company of loved ones and close friends! :heart:

December has been my month to chill and make plans to move forward with FenyxDesign. Nothing new until next month, sorry guys! However, I already made my list of 2012 conventions I will be attending or hope to attend that can be seen on my profile. Expecting to cover roughly 10+ conventions mostly in the state of Florida, a few in Georgia, and the two up north in Maryland and Tennessee! Ive had a lot of requests to head out to the west coast, so Im hoping that attending conventions like SakuraCon and Fanime will be possible in 2013 C:
If only airfare was cheaper in the Florida panhandle, Id totally be out there this next year! XD

My first convention of 2012 will be SukoshiCon in Destin, Florida on January 7-8! Ill debuting my Amaterasu from Okami (with negativedreamer as Issun) and Karkat from Homestuck (any other HS peeps going?) that weekend! Also, stillreflection and I will be offering private creative photo sessions at the convention, which means glamorous photos on the famous white beaches of the emerald coast! Or epic sunset shots. Or if anyone is daring, ocean shots?! Kidding, I dont want anyone getting hypothermia, BUT there is a heated pool ;D
For anyone who is interested, please check out my post for details and send me a note!

Also, I just purchased my badge for KatsuCon 2012 in National Harbor, Maryland on February 17-19! Heckyes! Sorry to all my Florida peeps who will be attending MegaCon the same weekend! Seriously wish they were on different dates cause Id lovelovelove to be at Mega!
I went ahead and started scheduling photoshoots (click for details!) for KatsuCon. Not sure if Ill be cosplaying yet, though I am considering Eclectica!Jade and DeadShuffle!Jade from Homestuck for something simple and easy to shoot in, hehe. It'll be my first year attending but Ive already seen the convention location from Acksonl's videos and Maboroshi of's photos from last year, and it looks a-ma-zing~! Super stoked to finally meet all my northern cosplayer friends there! C:

Not much else to report other than that haha. Only one more day until Christmas, a week until new years and a very exciting 2012 for FenyxDesign!

Thank you guys for all the love and support!

:heart: Elysia

KatsuCon 2012

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 23, 2011, 9:35 PM

Katsucon 2012
February 17-19, 2012
National Harbor, Maryland
KatsuCon Website

Im excited to announce that I will be offering private creative sessions at Katsucon! This is my first time attending, but looking at videos and photos from previous years, the location looks GORGEOUS! Not to mention the World Cosplay Summit will be held at Katsu for 2012! Looking forward to seeing all the epic cosplayers and hoping I get to work with a lot of you guys!

Package Includes
Photography by yours truely C;
Up to 3 cosplayers*
30 minutes of shooting
15+ retouched images
Online gallery with digital downloads

*$10 per additional cosplayer for groups larger than 3

If you would like to schedule more than one session, let me know! I give discounts! C:

Sessions can be scheduled any time during the day, indoors or outside around the convention. I use a mixture of natural and off camera lighting for my sessions to achieve natural and special effects. Sessions will be planned so that we can capture the best photographs showcasing all your hardwork you've put in your costume from the details to action shots. Ill do my best to come up with poses, but if you have any ideas, feel free to bring them to the shoot! After your photos are processed (please allow 1-3 weeks), you will receive a link to your very own online gallery with all your best images available for digital download. These images can be used for your own portfolio, networking site, or facebook as long as credit is given C:
I can also provide CDs, high quality prints, or mini albums for an extra fee upon request! Just ask!

Payments accepted: Paypal prior or cash at the time of the session.

If you are interested, please send me a note so we can discuss details. Be sure to include your character, the series, a reference photo, a preferred date/time, and a way to contact you during the convention!

Any time that isnt listed below as booked is available! Photoshoots start at the beginning of every hour/half hour.




Thanks guys! If anyone wants to be put on the waiting list for any spots that are dropped, send me a message with the following:

Preferred Day:
Cosplayers (sn/name):
Specific Poses:

Zelda: Fayore by elysiagriffinEXPCon 2011 - Resident Evil | Claire + Leon by elysiagriffinAWA 2010 - Zelda | Link by elysiagriffinCreative: Samurai by elysiagriffin
Check out my galleries for more photos shot during conventions!

Unable to schedule a session? Dont fret! If you happen to spot me wandering around the convention like a lost puppy, feel free to glomp me and ask me to take your photo!  Id love to get to meet and give everyone a great photo of their cosplay! C:

is it 2012 yet?

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 12, 2011, 1:27 PM

Ahhhh! I am so excited for 2012 to get here! It will be considered my first official "convention year" haha. Prior to 2011, I only attended Anime Weekend Atlanta and it was only last year that I started offering photoshoots. This was a big deal since I was an extremely shy person and never really spoke to anyone at a convention. However, I am so glad I made that decision because I have met so many awesome people and had so much fun!

This year I was able to attend AWA and EXPCon, which was my last convention for 2011. Two conventions in one year! Dang, I know right?? XD
Unfortunately, I have to skip out on Holiday Matsuri, but I hope everyone who will be attending this weekend has a fantastic time and I cant wait to see pictures afterwards!

With that in mind, attending more than one convention in a year is a big change for me. I already have a lineup of conventions Ill be attending as well as possible ones on my profile under Schedule. If there are any conventions you would like to see me at, let me know! If Im able to get transportation and rooming situated, I hope to see you there! :D

So my first convention of 2012 will be SukoshiCon in Destin, Florida on January 7-8! stillreflection and I will be offering private creative photo sessions at the convention, which means gorgeous photos on the famous white beaches of the emerald coast! Or epic sunset shots. Or if anyone is daring, ocean shots?! Kidding, I dont want anyone getting hypothermia, BUT there is a heated pool ;D
For anyone who is interested, please check out my post for details and send me a note!

Premium Subscription Give Away Winners!
A big thank you to everyone who participated! I loved reading all the journal entries and comments that were posted. All of them made me smile and really made my day! :heart::heart:
I put everyone's name in for a list and had xinstrumental unknowingly pick 3 numbers, hehe. Congratulations to the the following people!

:icontwin-cosplay: :icondeevilspork: :iconbalthierflare:
Hope you guys enjoy the 3 months of epic premium subscriptionness!

I look forward to posting more opportunities for subscriptions and free creative sessions at conventions in the future :]

Ahhhh! So close to 5000! Just a reminder, whoever gets my 5000th pageview gets a high quality 4x6 print of Creative: Samurai, signed by me (haha). If its missed, Ill take the next closest pageview (ie: 5002, 5004). Screenshot and drop me a note! :]
Congrats to PhxDragon for getting the 5000th page view! Next Kiriban will be... 9001 :]

Thank you guys for all the love and support! :heart::heart::heart:

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